Our Menu

We serve lunch from 11:30 to 2:30 weekdays. Counter service only. Our lunch menu consists of a daily sandwich, a daily soup, and a few items from our small plates menu. Our full small plates menu is served all other times during our hours of operation. In as much as possible we try to keep this menu consistent but from time to time have to 86 items because we run out. When you have a small kitchen and make all your dips, salsa, sauces, bar snacks, meatballs, dumplings, etc. in house it’s often hard to predict demand. Sometimes demand outweighs our ability to keep up.

Every now and then we will offer new items and stop serving others to keep our menu up to date with the seasons and to keep it from getting stale. Nothing worse than a place that serves the same food day in day out for all eternity.

Keep in mind we are a brewery that serves food; not a restaurant.
We hope you’ll like what we do because the food is absolutely delicious. And to us, delicious food—even if your favorite dish suddenly is no longer a part of the mix—is more important than consistent mediocrity.